Week 16; 14 - 17 June 19

Games at Kingscliff
Sunday deferred and Washed out games
Please Note that the turf is being cleaned on this Tuesday 18 June, to be ready for the U18 Championships
and the Turf1 needs to be dry for 48 hours before some games
and training will have to moved to Turf 2 or grass

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Time Div. Team 1 V Team 2 Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Friday 14-Jun-19 at Gold Coast West Turf
5:40 PM U15B Waratahs v Burleigh    
Friday 14-Jun-19 at RBSSC (Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre)
6:55 PM U15B Roosters v Casuarina    
Saturday 15-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_1
9:30 AM U13s Pottsville v Cas_Mixed K McCabe U13s Waratahs
10:30 AM U13s Murwillumbah v Waratahs U13s Pottsville U13s Cas Mixed
Saturday 15-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_2
9:30 AM U11s Casuarina v Murwillumbah P Corby T Campbell
10:30 AM U13B Waratahs v Burleigh B Parsons S.East
Saturday 15-Jun-19 at Kingscliff
8:00 AM U11s Kin_Snappers v Waratahs H Mason U13s Cas Black
9:00 AM U13s Kin_Mermaids v Cas_Black U11 Kin_Snappers U11s Waratahs
Smile Street Junior Hockey League is played at Kingscliff
10:00 AM Jnr. All U7 and U9 v 0    
11:00 AM U16G Kin_Stingrays v Kin_Dolphins Ross Salmon Greg Edwards
Saturday 15-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_1
12:40 PM D3W Waratahs v Pottsville M Newman Len Irby
2:10 PM D3W Murwillumbah v Mullumbimby Kim Hull Len Irby
3:40 PM D2W Pottsville v Mullumbimby Paul Newman A Hull
Saturday 15-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_2
12:40 PM D2W War_Hawks v Murwillumbah Dean Iwanuscha War ResM
2:10 PM ResM Waratahs v Pottsville Richard Philip Dean Iwanuscha
Saturday 15-Jun-19 at Kingscliff
12:40 PM ResM Kingscliff v Casuarina Nathan Eglington Shane Dixon
2:10 PM D1MGC Kingscliff v Casuarina Robert Barnes Ross Salmon
3:40 PM D1W Kingscliff v Casuarina Harry Gray Cas D1M
Saturday 15-Jun-19 at Kingscliff_1
12:40 PM D3W Kin_Piranhas v Casuarina Kelvin Jordan Cas D1W
Saturday 15-Jun-19 at Kingscliff_2
12:40 PM D2W Kingscliff v Casuarina Shari East Brooke Harvey
Saturday 15-Jun-19 at Lismore 1
3:00 PM D2MFNC Waratahs v Grafton Grafton have forfeit both games    
4:30 PM D1MFNC Waratahs v Grafton
Saturday 15-Jun-19 
      D1Ws Murwillumbah v D2W Waratahs Not Played  
U13s Cas_Aqua v Bye         
U11s Kin_Pippies v Bye
ResM Mullumbimby v Bye
D2W War_Wrens v Bye
Sunday 16-Jun-19 at Gold Coast West Turf
11:30 AM D2MGC Capri v Kingscliff    
Sunday 16-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_2
11:30 AM D2MFNC Waratahs v Northern Star Richard Philip Robert Barnes
12:45 PM D1WFNC Murwillumbah v Northern Star Greg Edwards Robert Barnes
Monday 17-Jun-19 at Casuarina
5:30 PM U16G Cas_Black v Cas_Aqua Casuarina x2  
Monday 17-Jun-19 
  U16G Murwillumbah v Bye    
Draw last updated on 12-Jun-19 at 5:06 PM
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